Monday, May 28, 2012

A Week Of Eating At Maintenance: Day One

Last week, I posted on Facebook inquiring what topics people would like me to post about. Rachel, who I know through the Calorie King forums, had several interesting topics for me. She wanted to know about the set point theory and, like many, wanted to know more about maintenance. While I'm still working on compiling my thoughts on maintenance, I realized that what everyone wants to know when they ask about maintenance is what and how much I eat. So, for one week, I will give everyone a glimpse of what eating at maintenance looks like for me along with insight into my daily routines each day. If you're interested in another long term maintainer's thoughts on maintenance, please check out this awesome guest post that Lisa wrote for me.
Every morning I'm at home the first thing I do when I awaken is wander over to our second bathroom. This is where we decided to keep my scale when we moved and I've weighed myself (almost daily) with this scale for well over three years now. I weigh myself daily but only record it once a week on Fridays.

Weight: 127.4

It's a little higher than my ceiling threshold weight of 127 but I'm not overly dismayed. It's nearing that time of the month and I've been lifting a ton lately. Now onto the next step in my morning ritual, which is to check my body fat percentage with my handheld monitor. I bought this monitor after I started losing weight in an effort to track it go down. Unfortunately, Calorie King didn't allow body fat percentage value logging when I got it it so much of my historical data has been lost. Like my weight, I take the reading daily and only record it once. It's just a good secondary measurement.

Body Fat %: 22.8%

I'm pleased as punch with this number. Perhaps after 6 weeks of doing NROLFW, it's finally starting to pay off.

351 calories
Breakfast today consists of a standard 40g serving of oats with 40g of unsweetened almond milk, 18g of natural peanut butter, 60g of banana and topped off with 18g of blackstrap molasses. On the side we have a glass of water to wash down my vitamins (Omega 3s and B12) and Advil dosage. The Advil's for the glute injury I've been suffering through for the last few months. Fortunately, the doctor told me I only have to take the absurd dosage (3.2g/day) for a week or two. I won't touch the coffee until after all my eating has been done. I like to sit and sip it slowly while I surf the internet.

Morning Snack (a.k.a second breakfast)
332 calories
A couple of hours after breakfast, my tummy starts to rumble again so I always have a snack, even though it turns out to be about the same amount of calories as my breakfast meal. I recently found the blood orange flavor of Chobani and I absolutely adore it. What an easy way to get more protein!

429 calories
This is not my standard lunch, but something I like to eat when I'm home for lunch. Two large eggs sunny side up on top of a light english muffin with 28g smear of hummus between the egg and the bread with a serving of my homemade kale chips on the side and an orange. Satisfying and filling.

Afternoon Snack
201 calories
The remnants of my Stonyfield After Dark Chocolate Frozen Yogurt (69g left) with a 35g scoop of Spiru-Tein Cookies and Cream. Two hours later, I head out the door for a run. 5K in 29:53 and it's freaking hot out there. It feels more like August than it does May.

377 calories

Eric and I celebrated our second anniversary with a lovely dinner of beef tenderloin with blue cheese and a red wine reduction. The sides were some roast asparagus and my favorite rosemary potatoes. I was almost all the way through my steak before I realized I needed to take a picture of it. It was an excellent meal. And I managed to get all of my pieces done at the same time. I think my cooking skill just leveled up.

326 calories
Our meal wouldn't have been complete without dessert, so some homemade strawberry shortcake was in order. And I mean homemade, I made the biscuits, the strawberry mixture and the whipped cream. I love indulging in dessert treats like this where I've put the effort into making all the elements.

Total Calories Consumed: 2017