Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Week Of Eating At Maintenance: Day Four

I'm super, super sore today. I can tell my muscles are swollen because my jeans are a little tight in the thighs at the moment. The scale reflects it.

Weight: 127.4
Body Fat %: 23.3%

364 calories
Still no molasses. I plan on going grocery shopping after work tomorrow, so Saturday should be back to normal!

Morning Snack
350 calories

Morning Snack #2
I can't take pictures of snacks I have at work because we aren't allowed to use cameras. Even after my morning snack and breakfast, I was ravenous today. It's not unusual for me to be that hungry in the morning after a lifting day. So when it does happen, I get a NuGo bar, like today's Dark Mocha bar. I also got another coffee because I was absolutely exhausted this morning for reasons I am not disclosing yet.
192 calories

368 calories
Despite having packed my lunch today, I realized no one would be around to go out to lunch tomorrow, so we went out today instead. Conveniently I can just leave my lunch in the fridge in the cubicle for tomorrow. Less prep time tomorrow morning! I had a chicken tortilla soup at the local Mexican restaurant. I also felt like a big fricking weirdo taking a picture of my food in the restaurant.

Afternoon Snack
385 calories
Hummus and some lentil chips with a package of oat and honey bars. Simple and satisfying.

361 calories
I know, it doesn't look like much for dinner. Zumba is at 7 on Thursdays and I hate having a heavy meal in my stomach and I can never make it home early enough to have something more substantial. This is my solution and it works for me. My clumpy-lumpy Cookies'n'Cream Spiru-tein shake made with almond milk and a  Nature valley crunchy almond bar.

Evening Snack
248 calories
I was a little bit hungry after Zumba so I went with the frozen yogurt with a spoonful of peanut butter. I actually forgot to take a picture (oopsy), so I was happy I had yesterday's to use.

Total Calories Consumed: 2266
Total Steps Taken: 15,750