Friday, May 11, 2012

Race Report: 10th Annual Westborough Spring Festival 5K

In testing my limits with this piriformis injury, I've found that I can run 5K without any pain. That meant I could finish the 10th Annual Westborough Spring Festival 5K, which I had signed up for over two months ago. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't very nervous about it because of how little I'd run in the few weeks leading up to it. I gave Eric a nice wide range to look for me, 25 to 30 minutes. I was certain that I'd finish slower than normal, but as usual, I always underestimate myself.
This is the third year that I've run this 5K, so I'm very familiar with the hilly course. Upon lining up, I got control of my nerves and just kept repeating a positive mantra.Normally I break down each kilometer or mile for my races but this one is the first one where it didn't seem to matter to me. I pushed up the hills at the right time, and I flew down the hill after the halfway mark. I didn't stop for water. I passed several people going up the hill and several people going down the hill. In the last push to the finish line, I was genuinely pushing myself as hard as I could to cross it. As I flew by Eric, I heard him go exclaiming about how speedy I looked. Since he was playing videographer, I even have a video to share of my finish:
I've watched the video several times now and I'm so happy that I bought my zero drops. I feel like they've helped me improve my stride and cadence, which I can tell since I don't see any noticeable heel landings in my finish. My official finish time was 26:47, which while slower than last year, was a much better time than I expected.

Do you get race nerves every time? How do you deal with them?