Monday, April 2, 2012

RWTW 10K Training: Build Phase Weeks 5-8

Wow, I can't believe another phase of my training plan for the 10K is over. I started this one out on a high note, and ended up needing to take a week long recovery for my frustrating piriformis. I doubt that I lost much fitness over the course of that week, but it got to my head.

Notable workout: 6 miles on 3/5
I managed to get outside in the middle of the day to run, so it was a lovely peaceful run at an average pace of 9:24. This is only notable because that's the same pace at which I ran my last 10K on January 1st.

Notable workout: 7 miles on 3/12
Of all the types of runs in my training plans, I hate the longer than race distance ones the most. Seriously, I hate long runs. I did this one anyhow and was rewarded with a significantly faster pace (9:33) than the last time (10:30) I ran 7 miles. That being said, this week is of note because jumping to those twenty miles from the previous week's sixteen seems to have obliterated me.

Notable workout: Zumba on 3/22
I screwed up. I failed to hydrate properly post-run on Wednesday and didn't stick to my nutrition plans on Thursday for lunch. This resulted in the worst Zumba class that I've ever had. I was achy, sore and miserable. I ended up having to take Friday off to recover. My body just wasn't having any of it.

Notable workout: 3.6 miles on 3/31
If you read about my pain in the butt last week, then you know I ended up having to take time off to let my muscle chill out. I finally got back on the treadmill after a week this past Saturday. I felt alright, but not 100%. I could tell my piriformis was still a little off, but that it was getting better. I was extremely methodical when I did this workout, I spent 5 minutes walking up a 4% incline at 3.5 mph to warm everything up, then a mile at 5.7mph to warm up some more. I tossed in a mile at 6.4mph to see if it'd be okay. It was okay, but after that mile I knew I had to cool down and stretch like it was my job.

What's next?
The best training plans are the ones that adapt to you and don't hold a rigid schedule despite how you are actually feeling.  I'm shifting many of my workouts around and dropping some others to pull back the intensity. I'm also adding in some targeted strength training for my adductors which I have a sneaking suspicion may be a little weak. I'm also back to working on one particular proprioceptive cue, pulling my navel to my spine. I have a 5K race the first weekend of May which is my first big progress measuring milestone on this training plan.