Thursday, March 29, 2012

What a pain in the butt!

I've been doing extremely well with my training plan for the 10K.

Well, at least, I had been until Saturday of last week. Then that little muscle in red decided it wasn't very happy with my training:

That is the piriformis muscle on my right leg. It'd gotten so bad in the last week that I couldn't find a comfortable way to sleep. I would thrash about in bed for an hour, then give up and go sleep on the couch. It was the only place where I was able to rest my back against something comfortably. It didn't hurt while running, but I knew how its symptoms progress. Pain while running was next on the list. The last time (January) this happened I took a break from running for a week and a half, did a lot of yoga, foam rolled, stretched it and got a massage.  It worked and after I felt much better.

This time though, in addition to the piriformis pain, I got a touch of a cold that's making the rounds at work. I knew on Monday when I got a mere five minutes into a warm-up run that running wasn't in my body's plan for the day. I bagged my workout 20 minutes into it and went home try and rest. The following day I headed over to the spa for my deep tissue massage, which after another rough night of thrashing about in bed, left me feeling like a wrung out washcloth.

It's been a couple days since the massage and the tension in my piriformis is easing, but running is still a couple days out. I'm seriously contemplating going to get a functional movement assessment and gait analysis. The fact that it's been my right piriformis twice isn't coincidence. I want to know what the problem is and how to prevent it.

I'm hoping things will start to improve dramatically over the next 48 hours. I'm a little out of sorts when I can't run.

How's everyone else's week been so far? Good, bad? Cheer me up with a comment down below!