Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In and Musings: 3/2/12

Weight: 126.6
Body Fat %: 20.6 + 3 = 23.6%
Measurements: 34"-26"-34"-20"

Body Fat %
I've been wondering how accurate my body fat tracker has been lately. The three percent I add to each time is a figure I determined getting my body fat checked in the BodPod in Weymouth, MA well over a year ago. I've been thinking that perhaps it's time to go back and get it done again, but Weymouth is so far away and it costs $69. I wish there was a BodPod location more convenient.

I make good food choices, why can't I floss more?
I had a dentist appointment this week. I'm not a really huge fan of the dentist to be honest. I suspect that has something to do with a palatial expander, eight extracted baby teeth, two years of braces and a myriad of in between the teeth cavities. You'd think that given my propensity towards doing good things for my long-term health, that I'd actually be one of those people who flosses every night before bed.

I'm not.

In fact, I'm really quite bad at remembering to floss.

This has led me to having not one, but three cavities between my teeth as a result of this appointment. I think I finally hit my dental health low point. I'm not thrilled about needing the fillings but I've accepted it. I've also come up with a plan to prevent future sessions with the dentist's drill by purchasing a Sonicare and making sure I floss before I use it each night. Hopefully this will be the thing that sticks.

RWTW 10K Training
I haven't been slacking on these posts or the training. I decided that I didn't want to bore everyone with the weekly updates, so I'm only going to post about each phase of my training  once it's over. This is the last week in my base building phase, so expect a weeks one through four post next week. I'm really motivated to kill the 10K in June so I'm fully committed to my training plan.

Any fun plans for the weekend? Any race plans for this year?