Tuesday, March 6, 2012

RWTW 10K Training: Base Phase Weeks 1-4

I've decided that I don't want to bore everyone with a weekly training post and honestly I can't make my runs all sound interesting. Instead I'm going to do it by training phases and call a few of the notable runs from the phase.
Week 1: 2/6 - 2/12
Notable workout:  Hill Sprints on 2/11
I haven't done a lot of hill sprints since I started running. However, the training plan that I'm using has them in the base building phase to help recruit more muscle fibers and build speed. I have a love/hate relationship with hill sprints. They suck while you're doing them, but after you feel so accomplished and strong for having done them. The plan instructed me to do the sprints at a "relaxed" speed which is a little silly if you ask me. There's nothing relaxed about a sprint!
Week 2: 2/13 - 2/19
Notable workout: Hill Sprints on 2/18
After my first hill sprint workout, I decided that I didn't want to spend the entire time staring at my watch trying to figure out when I should press the lap button. I set up a custom workout for my Garmin, transferred it over and used that instead. By doing that, I was able to see my pace for each of the sprint periods and not have to worry about touching the buttons after I'd pressed the start. Plus, Beepy always rewards me with the most satisfying happy-sounding noise when I finish the custom workout. Upon uploading the workout data to my computer, I was startled (and amazed) to find out that I'd been doing my sprints at a pace of 7:33. I never thought I'd even see a number that quick. Especially going up a hill!
Week 3: 2/20 - 2/26
Notable workout: 3 treadmill miles in Vibrams on 2/21
I bought my Vibrams last November on a whim. I'd been running on my treadmill at home barefoot for about a year, but I wanted to take my barefoot style workouts elsewhere. This was the first time that I'd run 3 miles without any calf and foot soreness the following day. I'm amazed at how strong my feet and calves have become. Oh, and callused. I've got some really attractive calluses. *insert eye roll here*
Week 4: 2/27 - 3/4
Notable workout: Zumba on 3/1
I've noticed that by Thursday, I'm pretty pooped and so I haven't be able to be as energetic in Zumba as I usually am. This week was a recovery week (less mileage than the previous three) and so that combined with a smaller class resulted in me having a great class.

What's next?
Now that my base phase of training is over, I'm switching the focus of my lifting workouts from strength building to endurance. This should leave me feeling less sore throughout the weeks and provide me with more energy for increasingly intense speedwork. This next phase in the training plan focuses on building endurance at particular paces using 400m repeats and 1K intervals. I'm looking forward to the 1K intervals because I recall how much they helped me pace myself during the Gobble Wobble back in November.

Do you follow a structured training plan when you have a key race? Or do you play it by ear? Lemme know down below!