Monday, February 6, 2012

RWTW 10K Training: Week 0

While the off-season for the NFL just started today, my own little offseason just ended. Obviously  mine was a lot shorter than a professional athletes but still it was a good break. It gave me a chance to heal up that niggling piriformis pain I had been having since last November. So now it's back to a structured training plan for me!

The Goal
Based upon past 5K performance, pace charts indicate that I should be able to complete a 10K with a pace anywhere between 8:48 to 9:01 minute miles. However, my past two 10K performances have not shown this to be true, but I believe that to be due to lack of training.

Not this time. This time I will train and train well for my planned 10K in June. This pace chart should look pretty familiar:
This puts my goal finishing time in the range of 54:40 to 56:01, but I'd like to see sub-56. It's aggressive, but reasonable.

My training plan can be found in full here, but here's what the first week looks like:

Do you have any key races planned for this year? When do you start training? Lemme know down below!