Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Foodzie Box

I'm late to the February Foodzie box post this month, but fortunately, this year I had one extra day in February!

I got the Cooking Box (Valentine's Day Date Night In themed) again this month, but it wasn't actually my first choice. I really wanted the Movie Night box but due to a Sarah-based error, I got the Cooking Box. Oh well!

In the box this month:
I'm not generally a huge fan of pasta. I rarely ever eat it. However I loved the little mohawk shape and the pretty combination of colors enough to give this pasta a whirl. I made it into a pasta salad with a warm bacon vinaigrette, topped with a sunny side up egg and crumbled bacon. When I do cook my pasta, I prefer it al dente and this had a good amount of chew to it cooked that way. I was a little disappointed though to see my pasta shapes falling apart. The mohawks fell off (!) leaving me with a boring standard pasta shapes and many of them split in half. Fortunately, I'm just a home cook so presentation doesn't matter to me. It was tasty and that's all that matters.

I used a pinch of sea salt on my pasta salad and enjoyed the salty crunch provided. It was good but I'm not quite sure I understand how it's "hand crafted" salt. Do they mean hand harvested or did they take a bunch of sea water and allow it to evaporate so they could bottle it? Either way, salt isn't exactly "crafted" since it occurs naturally.

I have not yet tried this vinaigrette. Given that I do enjoy figs and I think the red wine based vinaigrettes are the best, I'm sure it will be tasty.

I really like the cute alien and the snippet on the front. The pecans are tasty too.

This chocolate bar was actually a red wine caramel filled chocolate bar. The chocolate? Great. The caramel? Um, I'd just like to keep the booze out of my sweets, thanks!

Which item from the Foodzie box this month looks the most enticing to you?