Monday, February 13, 2012


As usual, the weatherman was completely wrong again. I'd had my birthday brunch with the family scheduled for Saturday, but we opted to cancel because the forecast said there would be 2-4" of snow that day. Upon awaking on Saturday, there was a slight dusting of snow that ended up melting before Eric got up at 9:30. It was quite the let down, but we made up for it by having our own little brunch replete with:
  • Oeufs En Cocotte with American cheese substituted for my standard feta and a half a bacon strip crumbled on top
  • Crumpets with the raspberry jam from my last Foodzie box
  • Strawberry and blueberry fruit salad
Oh and tea, the meal wouldn't have been complete without tea. Eric gave the whole meal an A that could have been an A+ if the crumpets had been fresh off the griddle. Unfortunately, it's difficult to make that happen because I would need to purchase another set of rings and a griddle pan that spans two burners. As it is right now, I can only fit two rings comfortably onto my pan. I suppose I could probably fit four but then I run the risk of accidentally flipping a crumpet onto another crumpet and that would just be a disaster.

I also chose not to make any mini-cupcakes for my tiny brunch with Eric. Just having them around would have been too tempting, and I wouldn't have been able to send any away with my little brother.

Sunday (aka Sarah's birthday)
After an entire morning and afternoon of lounging about painting my nails, Eric and I headed into Cambridge for our 6PM reservation at Oleana. I love the atmosphere there and the cuisine is pretty darn good too. I'd been planning my choices for weeks, but ended up swapping my deviled eggs choice for the appetizer special of the day. Like the last time I went to Oleana, I came away with no pictures. We had:
  • Deviled Eggs with Tuna and Olives
  • Fried Mussels and Hot Peppers
  • Chorizo with a Sweet-Potato romesco sauce and soft boiled egg on a toast
Eric got the top two appetizers and I got the chorizo on toast. I did have one of his deviled eggs and a nibble of the mussels too. I wasn't really all that impressed with the fried mussels and I got sand from one of them in my teeth. I quite liked the deviled egg though! My appetizer was also delicious, though a bit unwieldy to eat by hand and difficult to cut with a fork.

Main Course
  • Trout Spanakopita with Avocado and Salmon Roe
  • Some sort of duck casserole thing, it was the special so I can't remember the name
I'd been planning on getting the trout for weeks and I stuck with my decision. It was good, but I don't think I'd order it again. When I saw spanakopita, I thought "Mmm phyllo dough, feta and spinch!" Instead I received a trout wrapped around some spinach and feta. It was delicious but not in my top tier of foods that I've loved at a restaurant. Eric's duck was cooked perfectly but there was just a strange mishmash of other foods in the dish. There were errant chickpeas and other odd pieces that made it feel a little less cohesive than we'd expect. It was good, but not great.

  • Baked Alaska with Coconut Ice Cream and Mango Caramel
  • Milk Chocolate-Tahini Tart with Sesame Toffee and Halvah Ice Cream
This is the best part of every meal. The last time we went to Oleana I had an oatmeal based dessert that was and is still my favorite dessert I've ever had at a nice restaurant. I'm biased though, due to my inordinately large love of the oat. Anyhow! I enjoyed the flavor of my tart, but found it to be a little dry. It crumbled to bits when I was taking bites from it and I ended up having to scoop the little bits onto my spoon to eat it. The sesame toffee was lovely, and the halvah ice cream had a slight nuttiness to it that I rather enjoyed.  Eric's Baked Alaska was huge and he wasn't able to finish it. I did hve a bite of the meringue and another bite of all three components together. I loved the meringue; it was perfectly made. The mango caramel was good but I thought there was a little bit too much mango flavor. It overrode any caramel flavor that may have been there.

It was a pretty good birthday, and thankfully only one person sang Happy Birthday to me. In the car. On the way home.

What's your favorite thing to do for your birthday?