Monday, January 2, 2012

Race Report: 1st Run Lowell 10K

What a great race!

The weather was a perfect 50°F and with no wind. I couldn't have asked for better winter racing conditions in NE. I was also amazed at how well organized everything was. The organizers definitely deserve kudos for running such a good race. My only gripe was despite being asked my t-shirt size when I registered, I ended up with a large regardless. This unfortunately relegates the shirt to bed time since it is much to large to wear to the gym.

Kilometers 1-5
I felt strong and comfortable at a pace of roughly 9:13 for the first 5K. I made sure I didn't bolt out at the start and blow a bunch of extra energy  that I'd need for the second half of the race. It wasn't easy; I kept wanting to keep up with people instead of slowly falling behind. I skipped the water station this time around, knowing that I didn't really need any. Besides, water just gets all sloshy in my belly when I'm running. It's really uncomfortable. I passed the 5K mark at 29:04.

Kilometers 5-10
I was alright until about kilometer 7. At this point, I felt myself starting to flag and I almost, almost, wanted to stop and walk. I told myself not to be a big baby and keep going, that I only had 3 measly kilometers left. I grabbed water this time, though I had to stop and dart around a woman who just stopped to take the cup. I should know better by now to go wide around the water line.

I knew that I'd done the best I could when I neared the finish line and couldn't marshal up as much strength for a final kick as I normally can. That's just what you get for not actually training for the race.  I finished with a time of 58:15 which translated to a 9:24 pace.

I had a great time at this race and I would love to run it again next year, but we'll have to wait and see what the year brings.

Did you run a race on the 1st? How was it? Let me know in a comment down below!