Monday, January 30, 2012

The Fresh Diet: A Review

A few weeks ago, Eric was poking around on Gilt City Boston and found a deal for a week's worth of The Fresh Diet. We'd seen it on the Gilt City NYC site before and thought it was a clever and interesting idea. The Fresh Diet delivers three freshly prepared meals and two snacks to your door every morning. As I'm no stranger to delivered food services (I did Nutrisystem for 1.5 years), I was interested in giving it a try. The idea of freshly prepared gourmet meals for a week enticed me. Everyone needs a vacation from meal planning once in a while! It was also an excellent deal at 60% off of the normal price so it was a bit of a no-brainer once we found out they serviced our area.

We had some difficultly setting up our accounts. We each ended up having to call to get them correctly activated so that we could pick out our meals. The customer service was friendly and helpful so despite the inconvenience I wasn't too bothered.  Once I had access to my account, I was able to pick the menu for my week. Upon seeing the options available to me, I was pleasantly surprised. They have plenty of variety and I didn't have the same meal once during my week. With all my selections made, all I had to do was anxiously await the arrival of my first delivery.

Which never arrived.

Much to our dismay, our first delivery did not arrive on its scheduled day. Eric got in touch with customer service for both of us. We clarified the directions for the next day's delivery and they credited us a day. Our customer service representative was apologetic and pleasant, so again I wasn't too put out. Everything was all straightened out the next day because when I woke up that morning, I ran down to find both our bags of food waiting. We only had one more delivery glitch, due to snow, over the course of the week and they also credited us that day.
The food arrives in a cooler bag every morning.

The quality of the food was as good as promised and I didn't have a single meal that I didn't like. However, because this is food delivery service that is meant to enable you to lose weight, the portions for a female are tiny. A woman's daily caloric intake ranges from 1200-1400 calories and a man's is 1600-1800 calories. They don't seem to have a program for someone who doesn't want to lose weight, but honestly, I can't really fault them for that. I did have to supplement my food deliveries with a morning snack to appease the angry hungry noises my tummy was making.
The meals arrive prepacked into microwaveable containers.

What's the takeaway from my week's experience with The Fresh Diet?
  • The food was good.
  • The portions were small, obviously since the program is designed to promote weight loss.
  • Without the discount, it's very expensive. This is not a program everyone can afford.
  • If I were trying to lose weight, I would happily use this service again. The food really was that good.

Have you tried The Fresh Diet? What did you think? Have you tried any other food delivery services?