Saturday, December 17, 2011


*crickets chirp*

*leaves rustle*

*tumbleweed rolls by*

I know. It's been a little bit quiet over here lately, but I really haven't had much to say about anything. I can't find any way to make my life interesting enough to blog about of late. Most of the week it's just the daily grind, then it's catching up on my sleep, reading a book or baking something. I've come to the conclusion that I'm definitely not a daily life blogger. You'd all fall asleep reading about it!  Given that fact, I think that the quantity of my posts will likely fall to about 2-3 a week, but the quality should improve. That means more photos and more time to compose something thoughtful.

I've become pretty Zumba obsessed over the last few months. A single class for me burns almost as many calories as running 4 miles and it's ...more fun than running 4 miles.  I've even purchased some official Zumba gear:

I'm a little timid about wearing it to class though because my instructor doesn't actually wear any Zumba gear. I don't want new people to start assuming that I'm the instructor because I'm wearing brightly colored clothing.  It should be arriving today, yay!

Is anyone else as Zumba crazed as I am? Let me know in a comment down below!