Sunday, December 25, 2011

Maintenance: Year Two

Two years ago, I made my goal weight.
One year ago, I was astounded I'd made it a year. This year, I'm less astounded, up a few pounds (a mixture of muscle and fat, more muscle than fat fortunately) and I'm starting to realize maintenance is just a little bit easier when you've adopted a lifestyle of moderation. I forgot to take a picture of my new charm this year, but I ended up choosing the Running With The Wolves 10K. The accomplishment of my first 10K was actually greater than getting a great PR on a 5K this year.

Last year I answered questions provided to me from a Calorie King friend, Mikala. This year Ms. Tina has graciously sent me a list of questions to answer, so without further ado I will get right into it!

1. As many people know, weight maintence is one of the tougher battles. What is your secret or trick to maintaining your weight? What advice can you give to others?
There's really no secret or trick to maintaining a weight loss. It's all about moderation. I believe that everything can be part of a healthy diet in moderation. That being said, moderation can be an elusive concept. What is moderation for one person isn't necessarily moderation for another. It's all about knowing your own body and how it reacts to particular foods. For example, I know that my body does not get along well with overly processed foods (Pop-Tarts, White Bread, etc.) so I keep them out of my daily diet. However, every few months I allow myself to have a Pop-Tart or a PB and J on white bread if I want one. I never feel deprived this way.

2. What is the best advice you have been given?
This is an interesting question because I've never actually been given advice. All of the interesting tidbits that I've picked up have been from extensive reading and Googling. The best piece of advice I've come across in  my reading though? Learn to forgive yourself when you don't make the best choices. Accept that you didn't make the best choice, learn from it and then move on. Don't stew about it and feel bad for yourself. Self-pity parties help no one.

3. What is one of your biggest weaknesses (regarding food and exercise)?
Chocolate peanut butter. It's evil. I'll eat it out of the container with a spoon if I have it around. I don't buy it very often because of that. I love to exercise and feel off if I don't, no weaknesses for me there.

4. Many people are unknowingly "sizeists," judging people who they perceive to be too big or too small. How is life on the 'thin' side compared to the big side? Do you feel you were discriminated against, now looking back at your big days? What has your experience been?
This is a great question! When I was fat, I noticed that people often overlooked me. People didn't smile at me randomly in the hallway or stop to hold the door open for me. No one ever really said much to me about being fat. I notice now that people are more likely to hold doors open for me or smile and say hello at me in the hallways. I've found that many people seem to worry that I work out too much, eat too little and am possibly anorexic. Random strangers will also assume that I've always been thin and don't have to work at it. Our society needs some massive revolution when it comes to healthy body image.

I do however want to note that I think a lot of how I was treated when I was fat and how I am treated now has more to do with projecting confidence than sizeism.

Thanks Tina for preparing these questions for me! Here's to another year of maintenance for me. :)

Happy Holidays to all!