Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

I took my first real vacation to Disney World and ran the 5K
around Epcot. Let's just forget the fact that I also got
really sick with a head cold.
Winter was pretty harsh and crappy. Gigantic
icicles like this were forming everywhere,
ruining roofs.
I turned 26.
And even at 26, I still played with Legos.
I moved out of my old place!
And into a new place closer to work with Eric. The first thing
we did was play with Legos. I'm sensing a theme here.
I traveled to Norway, all by myself, for work.
It was the first time I'd gone alone, and I was
very nervous. I did it without a single tear
shed though. I personally call that success.
After I returned home, Eric and I decided to teach me how to
play (or rather not be afraid of the) softball. Going to have to
work on that some more...
We had our anniversary dinner at Evoo and Eric decided
to pretend to be a ninja.
I ran the Chase Corporate Challenge but forgot my shoes.
I had to buy a new pair at City Sports an hour before the
race. Woops!
I finished my first 10K!
My Kindle broke. >:(
I actually managed to grow cherry tomatoes. My thumb
isn't black! 
I ran another 5K
with my brother.
I went on a very expensive but rewarding shopping spree.
I ran the Puma (Migraine) 5-miler.
Eric and I got stuck in a hotel during
the hurricane. At least we had power!
We celebrated my mom's birthday with carrot cake cupcakes.
I went to San Francisco and have been obsessed with
finding new combinations of French toast ever since we
ate at Mama's there.
I ran a very miserable longer-than-5K but
advertised-as-5K race. It was just bad.
There was a freak snowstorm on Halloween and we were
without power for 32 hours. Yuck.
We visited the fishies in Boston. I was underwhelmed.
My little brother turned 21! We celebrated with Mini Red
Velvet cupcakes.
Then a week later, we ran our annual turkey trot race together.
After waffling about how short this Zumba
skort is, I actually purchased it. I ended up
loving it!
I celebrated a happy holiday season with my
family and Eric. :)
Happy New Year!