Saturday, December 24, 2011

Eric Reviews: Miso-Marinated Lamb Racks with Carrots and Potatoes

It's been quite a while since Eric has offered to document one of his kitchen experiments for me, but I was happy to have this arrive in my inbox last night. Enjoy!

With Christmas coming up and time running short before Sarah and I went off to our respective hometowns for the holidays, I wanted to cook a final meal of the year before we left. We had stopped off at Borders a few months ago while they were having their out-of-business sale (you know, the one where the advertise 50% of off everything, but they mark everything up to make up the difference). Admittedly, I was there to look to see if they had any Legos for sale because I'm a Lego freak, but I ended up in the cookbook section to check if there was anything left that was worth purchasing.

They had quite a few copies of Simply Ming One-Pot Meals: Quick, Healthy and Affordable Recipes.
It had pretty pictures...and I'm a sucker for cookbooks with pretty pictures. The recipes seemed fairly straightforward as well. That week, I made some fairly unimpressive chicken, and because of that disappointing result, I stashed the book away for a while. Then a few weeks ago, I wanted to make a meal because I hadn't made something nice for the both of us for a while. It was cold, so I flipped over to the soups section and decided to try a Miso Butter Pork Ramen-Noodle soup and Crispy Tofu with Miso Butter and Iceberg Lettuce as a side. I guess I was emboldened by the Vietnamese sandwiches I had made for myself earlier and was on an Asian kick (not so crazy since I' know...Asian and all) which I'll have to write about some other time since Sarah took some nice pictures of them. Anyway, the Noodle soup turned out great (if not a little bit too rich), but one downside is that I now had a container of Shiro Miso that I didn't really know what I was going to do with.

I flipped through the book again since it was still out, looking for recipes that used shiro miso, and came upon Miso-Marinated Lamb Racks with Carrots and Potatoes. I scanned the recipe and it looked fast and easy, so we settled on that since Sarah likes lamb. The only thing that was not something we would usually buy were the lamb racks, wasabi, and sake (and miso of course, but I had plenty of that to spare). Making this recipe was really simple and I like meals that I can prepare fully beforehand and then just wait until dinnertime to bake. After Sarah made a quick trip to the local Wegman's and procurred the necessary ingredients, it was just a matter of making the marinade and putting the racks into a bag and let it sit until dinnertime arrived. The recipe consisted of the miso, wasabi, shallots, sugar, sake, and oil for the marinade. Then chop up some potatoes and take a bag of carrot nubs with some more marinade and you have a great tasting, great looking, ready to be eaten meal. The only thing I would have added was some salt to the lamb racks and maybe some more wasabi to give it some more kick. (Ed. note: I agree with the salt assessment and that's profoundly unusual for me.)

Of course, now I have to look through the book for recipes that use sake, because we now have a large bottle of it sitting in the cupboard.

If anyone would like the recipe in full, send me an email. Or if anyone has any ideas for what we can do with the sake, let us know in a comment down below!