Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011: Race T-Shirts

My closet is filled with an array of race t-shirts from over the years. This year I added eight to my collection, three of which are tech t-shirts. Most of them are too big for me and one of them I just wouldn't even wear because it's not true.
I love the brightly colored t-shirts. I almost
wish more races had them.
Of course I had to run a 5K on my first real vacation!
I was pretty sick when I ran this race
though...good thing it wasn't timed.

This race, while containing the longest and steepest hill
of all my races this year, was my best.
I got an amazing PR on this race.

The corporate challenge race was not the most fun for me.
I spent too much of my time weaving around the thousands
of people. And hundreds of people were wearing the shirt
before they finished the race.
You're not a finisher until the race is over!!

My first 10K ever! I'm looking forward to beating my time
in 2012.
I loved this race... 
but I really hated the t-shirt. I'm thinking of adding a caret
and adding a "NOT" in there.
They only offered mediums at this race so while this
is a nice tech tshirt. It's more like a tent on me.
I liked the design of this t-shirt, despite the fact that the
race was horribly planned. I'm pretty sure it was also longer
than 5K. More like 3.22mi!
My last race of the year! It's a long sleeve tech t-shirt
that's a smidgen too large for me and gives me the worst
static shocks.

Do you have a favorite t-shirt from your races this year? Do you wish more races would offer tech tshirts? Let me know in a comment down below!