Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Turkey Trot Training: Week 9

Thanksgiving is approaching at an alarming rate.
As of tomorrow, Thanksgiving is exactly three weeks away. My brain is still struggling to comprehend that fact though. It doesn't feel like most of the year is over. I think that's mostly because I'm not exactly sure where the year went. I can't even believe that my 5 year college reunion is in 2012. Where the heck does all the time fly to?

Previous Weeks
Week Eight - 17.75 mi
Week Seven - 10.88 mi
Week Six - 15.2 mi
Week Five - ~15 mi
Week Four - 17.07 mi
Week Three - 11.62 mi
Week Two - 16.12 mi
Week One - 15.75 mi
Week Zero - the plan

Last Week's Training
Monday (10/24) - 60-60s
Last time I get to do this workout for a while. :( I like it quite a lot so I think it'll definitely find a place in my training plans for next year.

Tuesday (10/25) - Rest

Wednesday (10/26) - Mixed Intervals on treadmill
1x1 mile @ recovery
1x1 mile @ 10K pace
2 minutes active rest
1x1K @ 5K pace
2 minutes active rest
1x600m @ 3K pace
2 minutes active rest
1x300m @ 1.6K pace
1 mile @ recovery
This workout is hard. I might have fudged the evenness of the rest periods too. Sometimes I'd add a few extra seconds onto the 2 minutes just so I don't have to do complicated time math in my head on the treadmill. *shifty eyes*

Thursday (10/27) - Zumba
Not a big turnout today, but a good class nonetheless. I've got the hand movements down for El Amor now I think!

Friday (10/28) - Easy Run - 5.50 @ 10:00
I don't like running outside in the cold and dark with the possibility of sleet so I headed up to my apartment complex's gym for a treadmill run. I did one of my favorite winter workouts where I push the random button and select a pace within my base range. It looks easy to maintain a 10 minute/mile over the course of 5.5 miles, but when the treadmill is constantly adjusting your incline anywhere from 0.4 to 4% it's not exactly the easiest workout in the world.

Saturday (10/29) - Rest
I'd planned on going for a run early in the day, but instead I lazed around in bed for most of the morning, because isn't that what Saturdays are for? Unfortunately for me, we were in the middle of a freakish October storm and at 5:30PM the power went out.

Sunday (10/30) - Easy Run - 5.51 miles @ 9:42
The power was still out on Sunday morning when we woke up, so Eric and I decided to take our stir-crazy selves to the Natick Mall and wander around. The power was still out when we got home from the mall and I didn't feel like sitting around cold. I bundled up into my winter running gear and headed out to do like National Grid and assess the situation. There were so many downed lines, trees and a broken utility pole! I had to slow down and find a way to walk around some of the downed lines at points. Didn't feel like getting electrocuted.

Total Mileage: 19.03

This week's plan:

How has your week been, training or otherwise? Let me know in a comment below! :)