Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Trot Training: Week 12+

Playing catch up!
I meant to put this up on Wednesday, but instead I spent most of the day chopping vegetables, making pie and a cheese ball.

Previous Weeks
Week Eleven - 9.63 mi
Week Ten - 19.80 mi
Week Nine - 19.03 mi
Week Eight - 17.75 mi
Week Seven - 10.88 mi
Week Six - 15.2 mi
Week Five - ~15 mi
Week Four - 17.07 mi
Week Three - 11.62 mi
Week Two - 16.12 mi
Week One - 15.75 mi
Week Zero - the plan

Last Week's Training
Monday (11/14) - Mixed Intervals on the 'mill
The standard:
1 mile @ recovery
1 mile @ 10K
1K @ 5K
600m @ 3K
300m @ 1.6K
1 mi @ recovery

Tuesday (11/15) - Easy/base run
Another one of the lock it in at 6 mph and press random kind of work outs. I just wish that I could escape work early enough to go outside one of these days.

Wednesday (11/16) - Rest
Rest and recovery is always good. :)

Thursday (11/17) - PSP and Zumba!
Bunches of push-ups, bunches of squats, and bunches of planks followed by some dancing.

Friday (11/18) - Barefoot Treadmill run
I haven't run barefoot on my treadmill at home in ages, felt like it was time to sprinkle in one of these workouts. Gotta build my calluses back up!

Saturday (11/19) - Tempo run
Felt pretty good despite being super sore all day, that and I like working at my 10K pace. .5 mile at recovery, 3 miles at 10K, .5 at recovery
Sunday (11/20) - Zumba!
Just me and Elena, everyone else was gone for the holidays it seems.

Monday (11/21) - Easy/base run
Forgot my headphones, but the news was interesting last night so it made up for the lack of headphones.

Tuesday (11/22) - Rest
Worked late to make up for some missed time, didn't want to do anything but eat, sleep and read when I got home.

Wednesday (11/23) -
Shaking off some cobwebs! I dragged Nate and Eric to the gym with me too. :)
1 mi@recovery, 1x1K @ 3K pace, 90s active rest, 1x1K @ 3K pace, 1 mi@recovery

Total Mileage: 23.95

Stay tuned for the race report!