Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend in Pictures: Snowy October

I've never had to break out the boots and down coat this
early before. I also couldn't believe how much snow we
actually got.
The poor little tree in front of our apartment hasn't even
shed its leaves yet.
hehehe, I got to park my car inside so I didn't have
to come out and shovel snow off of it.
I think we must have got at least 8"-12" of snow, but
I didn't feel like tromping upstairs in my boots
to get a ruler.
Slick! Icy! Dangerous! My boots need better tread.
It wasn't just the little tree in front of our apartment that
hadn't had the chance to shed its leaves. Many, many
of the larger trees around town still had theirs as well.
This scene is much more typical of December, not
If you look closely, there's a downed tree on the sidewalk.
I went for a run later this day and there were so many trees
snapped and downed taking out the power lines with them.
I think there might actually be more tree damage from the snow
than we had from the hurricane this year.
Who's betting we're having a White Christmas this year?
I'm not actually dreaming of one though.
The snow is pretty though. 
I'd wanted to wander around and take some photos of
the leaves turning this year. I just didn't anticipate they'd
still be on the tree with snow on them.
Well, I guess if we just wait a minute the mercurial
New England weather will change on us. It is
supposed to be 60&degF on Thursday.