Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turkey Trot Training: Week 8

Blog slacking
I wasn't feeling very good earlier this week (stomach ache) so I just took it easy. Today I'm feeling much better, so I can finally get this training post up.

Previous Weeks
Week Seven - 10.88 mi
Week Six - 15.2 mi
Week Five - ~15 mi
Week Four - 17.07 mi
Week Three - 11.62 mi
Week Two - 16.12 mi
Week One - 15.75 mi
Week Zero - the plan

Last Week's Training
Monday (10/17) - 60-60s
8x60s @ 5K pace, with 60s active recovery between, sadly this is one of my last couple of 60-60s workouts. This (current) training week is my last one. Then it's onto 1K intervals at 5K pace, fun.

Tuesday (10/18) - Rest

Wednesday (10/19) - 4x600m repeats, circuit training style
Only four repeats so less resistance exercises:
8 x Pull-Ups w/a 45lb. assist
15 x Push-Ups
2 minutes of assorted planks

Thursday (10/20) - Zumba and Pilates
I decided to take Elena's Pilates class before Zumba since I didn't want to stay at work and wait. I felt a little bit like a fish out of water at first but was able to start picking it up when she did squats. Zumba was good, except the disruptive chatter of some of the other attendees. Save your high pitched chatter about how hard the class is until after the class is over, please.

Friday (10/21) - Easy Run
Lovely fall weather, great for a leisurely run.

Saturday (10/22) - Tempo Run
1 mile @ recovery - 11:38
4 miles @ half-marathon pace - 37:52
1 mile @ recovery - 11:24

I find it wicked hard to run at recovery when I'm outside. I just want to bolt away and run at my average pace.

Sunday (10/23) - Zumba
Good class! Elena taught us a new song and it's definitely going to take a few more attempts to get it right. Just like how I'm finally getting the hand movements for El Amor. And the window washing part, the step count for that one is rather difficult but it's getting easier.

Total Mileage: 17.75

This week's plan:

How has your week been, training or otherwise? Let me know in a comment below! :)