Saturday, October 22, 2011

Turkey Trot Training: Week 7

Oh right, I forgot about this post.
As I'm sitting here waiting for my car to be serviced this morning, searching the internet for my next race, it occurred to me. I'd totally forgotten to post this week's Turkey Trot training post! I'd been waiting for the official results of the 5K last Saturday to post it, and since that took for-freaking-ever, I completely forgot about it. So here it is, a much belated training recap post.

Previous Weeks
Week Six - 15.2 mi
Week Five - ~15 mi
Week Four - 17.07 mi
Week Three - 11.62 mi
Week Two - 16.12 mi
Week One - 15.75 mi
Week Zero - the plan

Last Week's Training
Monday (10/10) - 60-60s on the treadmill
1 mile of warm-up, 7x(60s-60s) repeats at 6.9mph/6mph, 1 mile of cooldown. Think I was still getting the Benadryl out of my system because I felt super sluggish.

Tuesday (10/11) - Zumba practice
Zumba in my basement because I didn't feel like doing anything else. :)

Wednesday (10/12) - 6x600m repeats, circuit training style
For the active rest periods:
Pull-Ups x 12 w/55lb assist (these felt super super hard this week)
Split Squat Jumps x 30
Barbell Lunge and Press x 11/leg w/27lbs
Bench Dips x 12
Rotating Planks x 1 min (left/right/center x 20s) & Three Point Planks (left/right/center x 20s) for a total of 2min

Thursday (10/6) - Zumba
The one problem with bigger classes is that I often find myself adjusting where I stand due to encroachment by other people who aren't as aware of their personal space.

Friday (10/7) - Rest

Saturday (10/8) - HipHipHerRace 5K
I had a wicked bad tummy ache the night before that prevented me from sleeping as well as I wanted. I guess I learned my lesson: don't eat any new foods the night before a race. Stupid me, I already knew that lesson. You can read the full race report here. The official time is now posted (though my Garmin seriously disagrees with it) on my Fitness page.

Sunday (10/9) - Zumba
Big turnout again, but I'm still not sure if I like having Zumba on Sundays. I'll have to give it another week to see.

Total Mileage: 10.88

This week's plan:

How has your week been, training or otherwise? Let me know in a comment below! :)