Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Race Report: HipHipHerRace 5K

In the training for my turkey trot 5K, I had a tune-up 5K on the schedule. As usual, I convinced my (not-so-little-anymore) little brother to run the race with me. He and my Mom met me at my apartment around 7:10 and we headed off to the race.
We arrived only 15 minutes before the race start time and hopped in the registration line to pick up our bib numbers. I was surprised that there was actually a line, and that a precious few minutes of time were wasted standing there. After we got our numbers and goody bags, we found the bathrooms. Can someone please explain to me why the women's bathroom always has a line? Is it really so time consuming to pee? By the time I finally finished with the bathroom, they were already singing the national anthem. I realized I wasn't going to have any time to warm-up. I sighed and accepted the fact and headed to the start line.
And we're off! The course was just as hilly as I expected and several of my lap times suffered because of it.
While my brother and I were out running, my Mom, who was playing paparazzi, was having some camera trouble. Nice feet, Mom, nice feet. You'll just have to get some more practice at the turkey trot.
That's the face of suffering after pushing up the last half-mile hill and heading for the finish line.

Nate found enough left in the tank to sprint once he got past the last hill. I'm not sure what time he finished in and neither is he. We're thinking 32 something.

Post-Race Reflections
It's been three days now and the official results aren't posted. I'm a little annoyed by that, and by the disorganization after the race. At least I had my Garmin to provide me with the data I want:
1K: 5:02.92
2K: 5:38.05
3K: 5:51.11
4K: 5:20.20
5K: 5:57.03
Total: 27:49.03
Pace: 8:57 min/mile

I'm pretty sure the course was a tenth of a mile longer than it should have been, and that my "official" time will be somewhere closer to 28:32. I think I'm just going to trust my Garmin time for this race. I'm not spectacularly happy with my performance at this race, but I did commit some critical errors:
  • Eating something new at sushi on Friday
  • Not warming up
  • Not getting enough sleep due to a stomach ache from bullet #1
Given all that, I'm going to allow my pace chart to remain the way it is for the rest of my training. Hopefully I can avoid the above critical errors for my next race on Thanksgiving and come out with a PR.