Monday, September 5, 2011

Turkey Trot Training: Week 1

My eating was alright this week, but I feel like I'm slipping with some of my nutrition. I also have been feeling generally yucky since reintroducing bread (specifically the homemade yeasted kind) into my diet. It gives me a really uncomfortable growly tummy and I'm just going to stop eating it again. It's not worth how gross it makes me feel. Just to clarify, I'm confident that it's not the gluten in the bread since I can eat barley and other grains without issue. I don't know what it is and honestly I don't want to find out. The simplest solution is to just stop eating it.

Previous Weeks
Week Zero - the plan

Last Week's Training
Monday (8/29) - 4 miles easy/base @ 10:15
Thanks to the mean hurricane, the Zumba studio was without power and subsequently Zumba was cancelled. I decided to go for a run instead, so I could check out the destruction from the hurricane. All I saw was a bunch of twigs. Very anticlimactic.

Tuesday (8/30) - 4x400m @ 8:27, Circuit Training style
I hit the gym at work for the first time in roughly a week. I did 4x400m @ 8:27 (3K pace), tack on an extra mile for warmup and cooldown for a total of 3 miles. For the "rest" periods, I did the following resistance exercises:
10 x Pull-Ups w/55lb assist
20 x Split Squat Jumps
10 (a leg) x Barbell Lunge and Press with 27lbs

Wednesday (8/31) - 30-30 Intervals
I love this workout! It's quick, fun and great for the treadmill. It looks a little like this:
Warmup @ recovery for 1 mile
30 seconds @ 5K pace (8:42 min/mile or so)
30 seconds @ base (I chose 10:00 min/mile)
Repeat 8 times
Cooldown @ recovery for 1 mile

Thursday (9/1) - Zumba and PSP
I did 25 minutes of my PSP workout before Zumba to get in some resistance exercises. Zumba was just me and Elena (instructor), hence it was a much tougher workout than normal. We didn't stop between any of the sets!

Friday (9/2) - Off
Rest day! woo rest!

Saturday (9/3) - 2 miles @ recovery
Still feeling pretty pooped, but I felt the need to do something so I hopped on the treadmill for 2 miles at recovery. I felt much better afterwards. I ended up having to replace my schedule base workout with this recovery workout, but that is the beauty of a flexible training plan.

Sunday (9/4) - 4 miles @ 9:44 (marathon pace)
I finally figured out how to program custom workouts into my Garmin! I chose an easy one for the first try: 4 miles @ marathon pace which is between 9:33 and 9:45 for me. It didn't beep at me when I was outside of the range, which I thought it would. However, it did give me the most satisfying set of congratulatory beeps when I finished the 4 miles that I forgave it. :) I'm thinking about doing a little FAQ on how to use the Garmin software to program workouts into it, anyone interested?

Total Mileage: 15.75 mi

Next week's schedule:

What are you currently training for? How's it going? Let me know in a comment down below! :)