Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spilled oats

There's no use crying over a bowl of spilled oats.
This morning didn't start out so great. First, I woke up at 5:20 naturally and couldn't fall back asleep despite trying for a good 20 minutes. At 5:40, I gave up and went downstairs to start breakfast. I'd left my oats to soak up the water overnight so they were cold and I had to pop them in the microwave to warm up. Sleepy and bleary eyed, I put my bowl into the microwave and set it for two minutes and thirty seconds. I then decided to wander over to the closet and get the K-Cups to refill my rack. Upon returning to the kitchen, I was stricken to see that my oats were boiling over onto the microwave plate.

This made me sad, then angry. At that point, I realized there wasn't any point in having any sort of emotion towards the problem. I just sighed to myself, cleaned up the mess, started a new pot of oats and snagged my Kindle. I'll take any opportunity to read more of this book:

I seem to have too many social networking websites to check lately, and so my Google+ stream doesn't get checked as frequently as it ought to. Last night, for the first time in many days, I actually looked at it and stumbled across one of my friends asking if anyone wanted invites to Fitocracy.
The basic idea of Fitocracy is to make fitness feel like a game. You log your workouts, get points and level up. You can get achievements and complete quests for even more points. I'm a bit of an overachiever (World of Warcraft achievements were what kept me hooked so dang long), so this is a fun way for me to log the workouts that I was already going to do. It's obviously more fun if you invite your friends to join in too. Now that I've been invited, I can invite people too. If you want an invitation, send me an email. Just click on the little mail icon up at the top left!

San Francisco
Our flight leaves tomorrow morning and we're getting up absurdly early to make it to Logan on time. That means I'll have plenty of time to catch up on blogs, leave comments and do the things that work's been interfering with for the last couple of weeks. Woohoo vacaction!

What are you reading right now? Are you totally hooked on it? Let me know in a comment down below! :)