Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let's Talk About Socks, baby

Can you tell I grew up in the '90s?

For reals though, let's talk about socks and more specifically running socks. When I first started running in 2006, I used to go out in my New Balance 720s wearing a pair of low cut cheapy cotton socks. You know, the kind that you buy in bulk packages at places like BJ's or Sam's Club. Shortly after my first rainy run, my squelchy shoes and uncomfortably blistered feet gave me the opportunity to reconsider my sock choices.

I asked the Running Helper for some sock advice and he pointed me in the direction of SmartWool socks.
I immediately fell in love with my two pairs of Adrenline Micro Minis. On my next rainy run there were no more squelchy feet, no more blisters and my feet actually stayed warm despite being completely soaked. I picked up three more pairs soon after.

Fast forward 5 years...

I'm still running with the same SmartWool socks. Only now they're threadbare in the ball and heel of the socks, and they're not quite as comfortable as they once were. Worse yet, SmartWool doesn't seem to carry a thicker micro mini running sock like the ones I've loved to death. With the good ol' New England winter running season in the not so distant future, that's not so great. So what's a gal to do?

Well first off, consult Runner's World for sock reviews.

I've sifted through each of the brands listed, but one definitely stands out to me. Darn Tough Vermont, because who better to understand my New England weather running sock needs than a New England based company?

And how can you go wrong with something as cute as this:

What's your favorite running sock? Do you even buy special socks for running? Let me know in a comment down below!