Monday, September 5, 2011

Kitchen Whirlwind

Tiny marzipan carrots on lovely cream cheese frosting.
I overestimated the frosting yield of this recipe and
ended up with six unfrosted cupcakes. Oops!
English muffin overload! I may have
underestimated the yield of this recipe.
One for each family member! I found some classy
black and white candles at the grocery store. I couldn't
pass them up.
Finally lit after much ado with the lighter.
I'm afraid of the lighter so Eric had to do this.
After my parents and brother left, I took a walk up to the new
set of stores that they built less than a 15 minute walk from
my apartment. As you can see, there's a Wegman's.
I'm pretty excited, alright, that's a lie. I'm freaking psyched
for Wegman's. It's the mecca of all grocery stores. I'm totally
going to be there for it's grand opening.
*marks down calendar* At 7AM?
I got that. Heck, I'll walk there.
I'd never heard of Ulta before I saw the signs. Apparently
they sell beauty products. You can tell how interested in
makeup I am.
The last stop on my journey was the
new Yankee Candle store. I got
a free votive just for walking in
and the food scents were buy one,
get the second one half off. $5 worth of
candles for $2? Woo!