Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

More pictures from the long weekend...gratuitous cupcake pictures this time. Enjoy!

Last year my mom got tiny little marzipan strawberries
on a strawberry cake. This year was tiny marzipan
carrots on this recipe made into cupcakes.
60 grams of uncolored almond paste, a.k.a. marzipan.

I had to hunt down my trusty Wilton gel food coloring
from one of my kitchen cabinets for this. I think
I ended up adding too much red. 
After much folding and squishing, the food coloring is
now evenly distributed into the marzipan. I used my baking
mat to prevent myself from being caught red-handed. ;)

Twelve tiny balls at 5g a piece.
Rolled out into carrots! I ended up getting a little bit of
yellow food coloring on my hands. Fortunately it washed
off so I didn't look like I had jaundice.
I love cute little paper baking cups. It's too bad that after
the batter is added and baked, you can't see them.
Shredded farm fresh carrots, purchased only a couple
hours beforehand from the local farm.

I converted the sheet cake recipe into cupcakes, but didn't
have enough frosting for all 18 that the recipe yielded. :(
All frosted and decorated with the tiny marzipan carrots!
And with classy black candles :)

We only seem to have lighters (no matches)
and I'm horribly afraid of burning myself with
lighters, so Eric had to do this for me.
What kind of tiny marzipan creations would you like to see next? Pumpkins? Apples? Let me know in a comment below! I love making marzipan creations. :)