Saturday, September 3, 2011

Baking Engineer

Weight: 125.8
Body Fat: 20.3% + 3% = 23.3%
Measurements: 34"-26"-34"-20"

Thursday night at Zumba, it was just me and the instructor, Elena. We hardly stopped at all between the songs and we managed to make it through her entire playlist.  I'm extremely taken with Zumba -- it's so much fun, even if I am completely uncoordinated at some points. Practice makes perfect though, and that's what exactly what I plan to do.

The project I'm on at work right now has what the managers are calling an "aggressive" schedule. Personally, I'd call it an insane schedule. I feel like work has been consuming all of my mental energy over the last month and a half and you know what? I'm sick of it. Trying to cram 6 months of work into 2.5 months puts a lot of stress on the engineers. Obviously, I take pride in my work and I'm working as fast and as well as I possibly can, but I'm starting to lose momentum. I'd planned on going into work today to make up for this week's lost Monday. But I don't want to, so I'm not going to. I'd rather stay home and do things that I enjoy doing in the kitchen and go for a run when I want to.  I still have to make up my missed Monday hours but I'll just go in on Labor day. I'm just considering it a 3-day weekend swap.

Mom's Birthday Gathering!
My Mom's birthday was a few weeks ago, and I'd planned to have my whole family down to celebrate with some homemade bread and carrot cake. Unfortunately, this happened and I had to reschedule for tomorrow. I've got a lot items on my baking todo list this morning to get everything in order for the gathering. :) My camera is already a floury mess so there will be pics to follow!

I have an interesting QOTD today:  What is your current occupation and do you love it? If not, what's your dream occupation? For me, I'm a software engineer, but my passion is baking. I'd love to maybe own a bakery some day, and have the title Baking Engineer. hehe! :)