Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby step to a healthier you

Does the thought of creating a healthy lifestyle overwhelm you?
Image: Grant Cochrane /
Does it make you even less inclined to try to make changes?

Do you want to fit into your jeans better?

It turns out that taking baby steps and making small changes can eventually yield one large change. You don't have to make drastic cuts and remove entire food groups from your diet. In fact, a recent study shows that you can start a lifestyle change by making two very simple changes:
  • Walk an extra 500 steps every day.
  • Reduce one meal each day by 100 calories.
When you start small and track your changes, you may be inspired to start increasing the size of those changes. Decreasing one meal by 100 calories each day could turn into shaving 100 calories from two meals a day. Increasing your steps by 500 each day could lead you to increasing your steps by 1,000 every day.

The bottom line?

Start small, take baby steps and let them add up to one big leap.
Source: Get Skinnier With These Two Small Changes