Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Winter Running Wants

Amazingly, today is the last day of August and after I put together my training plan I realized that there's only 13 weeks left until November. For some that means slightly cooler temperatures (silly California!), but here in New England it means Sarah needs to invest in some new winter running gear so she doesn't freeze her butt off this winter. I think I might be losing it, but I'm actually ...excited for winter this year.

I prefer running in the icebox temperatures that NE will reach come winter. It's easier to run faster and I always feel more energized in the cold. Probably because I spend most of my runs chanting "cold, cold, cold, cold." After successfully surviving last winter without any of the common winter weight gain, I'm excited to tackle this one, but I definitely need some new gear.

1. Saucony ViziPro Pink Tights and Top
I love Saucony's ViziPro line for the winter months. As you can see, I already own their orange version of this:
I'd love to have some variety...maybe I can even mix the two colors and look like a running Dunkin' Donuts advertisement. *shifty eyes*

2. Saucony Women's ProGrid Guide 4
I had the previous model of this shoe for last winter and loved it. It was heavier than I normally like in a shoe but I think I prefer heavier shoes in winter time. They make me feel more stable.
Besides...I need the pink shoes to match my pink ViziPro gear from the previous item!

3. YakTrax Pro
This one is pretty straight forward. More traction means less chance that I slip, fall and break something. Simple, no?

4. Zumba DVDs

I've completely fallen in love with Zumba and I would love to do it more come my winter off season. I want these DVDs so I can dance around in my living room. :)

5. Snowshoes
Last year I happened upon an article about speed snowshoeing, or rather, running in snowshoes designed for ...running! I detest skiing and I'm not big on ice skating... so snowshoeing definitely appeals to me as the winter sport I was destined for. Unfortunately most snowshoes run roughly $200 a pair and I'm not sure I'm ready to invest into them yet. I think I'll have to find a place that allows me to try out snowshoeing first. That shouldn't be difficult since this is New England and there's plenty of ski lodges who might offer that exact thing.

What are your favorite winter sports? If you're a runner, do you pack it up and take it indoors come winter time? Let me know in a comment down below! :)