Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shopping Spree Saturday

o hai there blog readers! happy saturday!

My Saturday has been a ton of fun so far. :) As I mentioned on Thursday, Eric was treating me to a haircut at Mizu salon in Boston. It was a wonderful treat for me since I haven't had a haircut since 11/06/2010 (I totally checked my credit card statement to come up with that date). As we can see down below, my hair was looking rather....ratty.
In my defense, my hair hadn't been washed in that picture since I never wash it before I go to the salon. You know how when you go to get a cut and style, it's like gossip with the stylist time? Normally that drives me absolutely bonkers, but my stylist (Billy) was totally awesome.  Turns out he and I have the weight loss maintenance thing in common, and it's so cool to be able to talk to someone who gets that maintainers don't get to eat like people who've never been overweight. It really helped me get in touch with the reasons I make the healthy (and sometimes difficult) choices over the easier, but unhealthier ones. I know that mizu is pretty pricey for a cut...but I think I might have just found a stylist who fits my bill and that's pretty darn important to me.

When  my haircut was over, it was time to eat some lunchies. And where better to eat than Wagamama!
I got the Mandarin Sesame Chicken salad which was not visually impressive, but pretty darn tasty. You might notice that it was pretty empty in that picture. That's because we ate at 11AM as I'm an early lunch eater. It makes getting in and out of restaurants fast!

We wandered aimlessly around the Prudential center after lunch for the most part. Until we came upon this store...
I've always loved the clothes in White House|Black Market, but I'd never actually tried any of their clothes on before today. I adore styles that have starkly contrasting patterns and colors, with clean crisp lines, which pretty much describes White House|Black Market to a t. I'm no fashionista; my work outfits generally consist of some poorly fitting jeans and a Woot t-shirt. I do have a couple (literally, a couple) nicer outfits,  but my wardrobe looks like something out of a What Not To Wear episode. So as I was aimlessly wandering around trying to put outfits together, one of the lovely saleswomen came to ask me if I needed help. Eric (who I'm pretty sure was tired of me asking if something would look good on me) emphatically told her I did.

She shooed Eric to one of the chairs over by the dressing rooms, so he could sit and wait for me to model the clothes. It was so much fun to have someone with a better eye for fashion help me pick out clothes. I've been wanting a nicer wardrobe for months, so I decided this was my opportunity to go for it. I might have gone a little crazy.

Trying on clothes is exhausting and so we decided to get some soft serve frozen yogurt from Pinkberry after all that shopping.
I had some delicious mango frozen yogurt with fresh fruit toppings. I'm pretty impressed by Pinkberry's froyo since it didn't result in an upset tummy for me and it was delicious. By the time we finished our froyo, we were both ready to head home with our (well, mostly my) loot and get some pics of my wonderful haircut.
Much better, yes? I certainly love it!

Time to unpack the loot!
I was way too tired to try them all on again and model them, so perhaps I'll share them when I wear them to work over the next few months. I definitely spent more money on clothes today than I have in a very, very long time. They're a good investment for me though, since they actually fit! My crazy splurge today has me wondering...

What kind of spender are you? Cautious or impulse? Normally I'm an extremely cautious spender so today was out of the ordinary!