Monday, August 15, 2011

PUMA 5 Miler Training: Week 8

I didn't take the time to make a little food plan this week -- I briefly sketched out what I am planning on eating onto my fridge calendar but it looks pretty much the same as the last few weeks, except with the addition of some overnight oats in a nut butter jar. I'm jumping on the bandwagon to try it out. :)
Which pair to wear? -- I'm thinking light blue.
It's the last week of the training plan and I hate taper weeks. I always feel like I have too much energy because I'm not doing as much as I'm used to.

Previous Weeks
Week 7
Week 6
Week 5
Week 4
Week 3
Week 2

Last Week's Training
Monday (8/8) - XT
I went back to look in my workout log book to see what I did this day and the page is mysteriously absent. I know that I went to the gym and resistance exercises were involved but that is the extent of my memory for this day.

Tuesday (8/9) - 2 treadmill miles and Ashtanga
I've decided that I love ashtanga. It helps me relax, and loosen up my overly tight lower body muscles. I'm also pretty sure that it helps me fall asleep faster. I seem to fall asleep (and stay asleep) much better on yoga nights.

Wednesday (8/10) - Circuit Training
I did a quick circuit of the following:
5 min @ 6.3mph
Push-Ups w/Feet on Stability Ball x 12
Jump Rope x 2min
Straight Leg and Back Deadlifts x12 w/30lbs
Mountain Climbers x 2min
Neutral Grip Pull-Ups w/45lb assist x 8
Jump Rope x 2min
Barbell Lunge and Press w/27lbs x 10
Mountain Climbers x 2min
Tricep Dips w/stacked feet x 12
Jump Rope x 2min
Rotating Planks x 2 min
5 minute walk to car cooldown

Thursday (8/11) - 60 minutes of running
My Garmin was being a wicked brat so I left it home to teach it a lesson and just ran for the sheer joy of running. I guess I ended up being gone about an hour, but it felt like less. I really enjoyed being completely sans technology.

Friday (8/12) - XT
I did a 15 minute walk at lunch and then did a completely unstructured workout at the gym with Eric. I didn't write it down so I don't have anything to track for it.

Saturday (8/13) - rest already know what I did on Saturday. *shifty eyes*

Sunday (8/14) - 4 easy miles
4 easy miles in about 36:30 -- felt pretty good. I ran by the local farm on my way out and could not figure out why it reeked of onions. On my way back home, I noticed the gigantic pile of leek leaves on the side of the road. It really stunk!

Training Reflections
I've got to admit...I'm so not ready for this race. I've been just off my game ever since I got sick back in the earlier weeks of my training plan. I'm not expecting a PR for this race but I'm hoping to stay within my goal pace range.  I'm a little worried though, but no use crying over spilled milk. If it doesn't go as well as I'd hoped, I'll just have to factor that into my Thanksgiving 10K training plan.

What are you currently training for? How's it going? Lemme know in a comment down below!