Monday, August 8, 2011

PUMA 5 Miler Training: Week 7

Last week was not a fantastic food week for me. I did alright despite eating out for three of my five weekday lunches, but I did have an altercation with some jelly beans on Saturday that left me rather uncomfortable on my Sunday long run.
My dietary goal for this week is to stick to the plan during the weekdays and make good choices this weekend. I find that the weekends are tough for me because they're relatively unstructured, which is great for relaxing but hard for me to stay on track with the foods sometimes.

Previous Weeks
Week 6
Week 5
Week 4
Week 3
Week 2

Last Week's Training
Monday (8/1) - XT
I completed two circuits of my PSP workout and then walked the rest of the workout. I was pretty dead from the previous day's 8 mile run.

Tuesday (8/2) - 2 miles @ recovery and Ashtanga
2 treadmill miles before yoga then I actually went to yoga for the first time in three weeks. And, I managed to avoid the carrot cake my instructor brings to every class. Success!

Wednesday (8/3) - XT
25 minutes of total body weight training exercises, then 20 minutes of walking to burn a few extra calories.

Thursday (8/4) - Rest
I was feeling super exhausted so I decided to lay in bed and read. :)

Friday (8/5) - 45 minutes running
I was still not feeling fantastic so I scrapped the tempo run I had planned after my first mile and just did 45 minutes of easy running. It was still a pretty terrible run though.

Saturday (8/6) - Rest
I didn't have the mental werewithal to get myself out the door so I just lazed around. I should've done something but oh well.

Sunday (8/7) - 60 treadmill minutes
I didn't feel like running in the absurd humidity yesterday and we had visitors for most of the day so I just hopped on the treadmill for my long run. It was pretty bad.

All told, last week was not a fantastic fitness week. Between my off-plan diet, and genera mental exhaustion from work, I just wasn't at the top of my game. That's just how things go sometimes, but it doesn't stop me from pushing forward and having a better week this week.

Happy training to everyone this week! :)