Monday, August 1, 2011

PUMA 5 Miler Training: Week 6

These weekly menus are really helping me stay on track with eating while I'm busy. I did deviate from the plan a couple of days last week but only because I did not have the time to wait for a baked potato.
 Last week was a pretty good week overall. I'm slowly ramping back up to where I was before my yucky cold and generally feeling pretty good. I have missed yoga for three weeks though, but I'm hoping to go this week (8/2).

Previous Weeks:
Week 5
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Last Week's Training
Monday (7/25) Circuit Training w/800m warm-up/cooldown and 4x(400m @ 7.5 mph on treadmill)
Circuit training has made it's way back into my training plan, if only because it gets in an extra couple of running miles at a faster pace.

Tuesday (7/26) - Rest 
I skipped yoga again last week and rested on Tuesday. I just did not feel up to anything last Tuesday.

Wednesday (7/27) 30 minutes of PSP
I managed to do 100 push-ups over the course of those 30 minutes. My arms and chest felt like Jell-o!

Thursday (7/28) - Tempo Run on the Treadmill
During the weeks, I find it difficult to run outdoors because by the time I want to it's too hot and so I end up hitting the gym after work instead. It's better than not doing the workout at all, that's for sure.

Friday (7/29) - 20 minutes of lifting, 25 minutes of walking
Low key training day, winding down for the weekend!

Saturday (7/30) - 5K on the treadmill
Eric and I went to the gym at our complex so we could both use the treadmills. He amazed me with his reading while running skills.

Sunday (7/31) - 8 miles @ roughly 10:15
I'm out of Quench gum so this run kinda sucked. I did it though, and now I'm going to have to buy a new tub of Quench gum.

What was your favorite training run/day of last week? Lemme know in a comment below!