Friday, August 12, 2011

Excel Fun!

Weight: 126.2
Body Fat: 20.4% + 3% = 23.4%
Measurements: 34"-26"-34"-20"

Every week I put my weekly "health status" updates up on Friday, and usually I'm content to just look at the one point of data. However...this week since I learned how to do SUMIF in Excel for one of my budgeting spreadsheets, I got to wondering if I couldn't take the CSV file of all my weigh-ins that CalorieKing provides me with and make a chart.
This represents every one of my weekly Friday weigh-ins since I made goal on 12/25/09. I think it's interesting because it elaborates how maintenance isn't about holding steady at one weight on the scale. My average weight since entering maintenance is approximately 125 lbs, and as you can see, I've been both above and below that average over the course of the last 1.6 years. I want to do a graph for my body fat percentage but CalorieKing doesn't record that data so there's no handy CSV file for me to work with.

Can you tell I'm a math and science nerd yet? :) I'm also thinking about creating a template for my budgeting spreadsheets. If anyone is interested in seeing them, I'll share.

Deck Garden Update!
I'm pretty disappointed with my full size tomatoes. They're still afflicted, and I've had no edible fruits produced. :( At the very least, however, the basil I planted in both of those pots has been a success. It's got a pungent basil aroma and I'm contemplating turning my last basil plant into some pesto.
Where I've been disappointed with my full size tomatoes, my cherry tomatoes have been a stunning success. I've harvested at least 6 a day since the started ripening and they are so much tastier than store bought, since they're allowed to ripen on the vine. I eat them with my eggs, I put them on my taco salads and sometimes I just eat them alone. It's funny, I always used to think my parents were crazy for just picking them off the plants and eating them. I understand now though, they are just that freaking tasty.
My feelings towards the pepper plant have been mixed. I'm impressed that I've already harvested (and eaten) three peppers and that I have three more forming. Their flavor is just not what I was expecting. I think I was expecting sweet bell pepper, but that's totally not what they are. Perhaps next year I'll try to grow the sweet bell peppers instead.
There was almost a carrotastrophe (yes, I just made up another word) this week after the heavy rainstorms. After I found out that our overhanging gutters are filled with leaves (still) and any time we have a heavy rainstorm or rain for more than few days, there's essentially a waterfall on the porch, I always make sure to check on my plants. Evidently my pots don't drain well (or at all) and I had a tiny little carrot swamp after each rainstorm this week. The pot is too heavy to get the bottom piece off to help the drainage so I'll just have to make sure I check on it every time it rains.

Got any big, fun weekend plans? Lemme know in a comment down below! :)