Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Drive-by Update

I so did not know what I was getting myself into with these.

It has been a super long day but I managed to get almost (not a top ten post!!) done today.  I still consider that

I had a few tiny successes at work today and that left me in a good mood, but then I came home to my little pet sourdough yeasts and found that I might have accidentally killed my rye starter with tap water. :( I'm hoping that if I leave it alone for a couple cycles it might recover and survive. If it doesn't, I have to send it down the garbage disposal.

When I started my little sourdough starter experiment, little did I know how stinky (they reek) the starter cultures would be. Research into the topic indicates that this is only an initial problem though. When the time comes to start feeding them unbleached all-purpose flour, they should start to stink a little bit less...I hope.

I'm totally pooped tonight so I don't have the energy to finish off the loose ends in my top ten post, but I should have it done tomorrow.

Goodnight all! :)

Have you ever experimented with making your own bread? How'd it turn out?