Sunday, August 7, 2011

Creating cultures...sourdough cultures!

Good morning, good morning!
I'm pretty chipper today since I don't have to work. Woohoo! And also because I think this has taken over as my favorite breakfast.

Sourdough Starter
After about another half hour of research, I finally decided to just go for it and start my experiments. Since I've chosen a method, that by all accounts, seems rather finicky, I decided to make two different starter cultures with two different types of flour.
They look oh-so-appetizing, don't they? This one is 50g of Arrowhead Mills Rye flour and 50g of Poland Spring bottled water.
And down here, we have yet another lovely mixture. For this one I went with 50g of King Arthur Whole Wheat flour and 50g more of the Poland Spring bottled water.
If I have a viable culture, I should be able to see bubbling within 24 hours, at which point I've got to feed the little critters. I'm hoping for one of them to be viable, because I'd love to be able to bake my own sourdough bread for Thanksgiving. I have a delicious sausage and sourdough stuffing recipe that was wonderful last year that would be fun to try out with my own bread.

Thanks4Giving 10K
I enjoy running turkey day races. Last year I did a 5K, and I waffled about trying to decide whether or not I wanted to do a 5 or 10K this year for Thanksgiving. I (obviously, given the title of this section) decided to do the 10K.
Now I'll admit that I didn't train as well as I'd wanted to for my first 10K, but ultimately my goal was just to finish it and not die. I did finish it... but I had such bad runner's trots after the race that I spent 3 hours curled up in a shivering ball on the floor just outside the bathroom with a bottle (or two) of Gatorade and my trusty WPI fleece blanket. I'm pretty sure Eric thought I was dying. I'm a little wary of running a 10K on a big eating day, but...I think with adequate training and proper dietary observations I should be fine. I'm piecing my training plan together and I should have it all laid out the week after the PUMA 5 Miler.

Family Visitations
Eric's family is coming over today so he's down slaving away in the kitchen. I'm contemplating playing the role of paparazzi after I take a shower. Maybe he'll even do a guest post on a couple of his recipes! :)

And speaking of family, my mom's birthday is this month and I'm planning her birthday lunch at my place. I'm pretty excited because putting together menus and feeding good food to people I love is one of my favorite things to do.

What's your favorite birthday cake flavor? Standard vanilla or chocolate with buttercream? Or something a little less standard, like carrot cake? Or maybe an ice cream cake? Lemme know in a comment down below. Hope you're all having a great weekend!