Thursday, August 25, 2011

Break up with the couch!

Are you currently involved in a sordid love affair with your couch?

Do you often find yourself uttering the words "meh exercise" when faced with the prospect of physical activity?

Remember when you were a kid and you ran around all day, throwing a ball, jumping rope or shooting hoops? That was exercise, but it sure didn't seem that way.

If you're looking to end your love affair with the couch, studies show that it pays to be selective with your exercise choice.  As a child, you chose activities that you enjoyed doing and they didn't seem like exercise, so take a tip from your youth and be choosy.

When you select an activity that you enjoy, it's more likely that you will feel better, both mentally and physically, while engaging in it. And when you do something you enjoy, time seems to fly by, right? Apply that principle to your exercise! You'll fatigue less quickly and you may even be inclined to extend your sweat session.

Haven't found an exercise to fall in love with yet?

Don't worry, just shore up your courage and try something you might not normally try.

Hate running? Try signing up for a spinning class at your local health club! Stationary bike not quite your thing? Check out a local zumba class.  Be creative and you might just find the exercise that fits you best.

You might just break your couch's heart!

I have a love affair with running and now Zumba. What's your favorite exercise? Let me know, leave a comment! :)

Source: An Easy Way to Fall in Love with Activity by RealAge