Friday, July 8, 2011

Whoooosh...that's sound of the week blowing by me!

Weight: 125.4
Body Fat: 20.2% + 3% = 23.2%
Measurements: 34"-26"-34"-20"

Time keeps on slipping
You know, sometimes I don't even know where my weeks go. Ever since I graduated from college four years ago, time seems to just go faster and faster. Somehow we got to July of 2011 already.  I feel like I blinked in January and ended up here. I'm not complaining, it's just that as a kid, time seemed to crawl.  I have a theory (unoriginal as it may be) that since each year of your life is progressively a smaller fraction of your total lifespan, the years seem to go faster. Who knows though, I could be totally wrong. :)

I'm part of the Foodbuzz community now!
If you didn't happen to notice the banner to my right. --->

brownie challenge weekend
I can't wait to get up tomorrow morning and start working on this!  I'm hoping to find the time to pop out to the grocery store/farm stand this evening to get a couple of things.  I won't disclose what because then it wouldn't be as fun a surprise to see the end result. :)

It's Friday! Deck Garden Updates!
It started to thunderstorm the moment I stepped inside after taking these pictures. I apologize in advance for their shoddy quality, it was (obviously) much darker this morning than I anticipated.
 Storm clouds and lots of lightning that I did not get a chance to photograph!
 Sooo, apparently you're supposed to trim your cilantro back very early on. I didn't and it "bolted" (went to seed). At least the little white flowers are pretty.
 I have tiny carrot plants!!
 Peppers: coming to the deck garden soon!
 The cherry tomato plant has literally exploded into fruit. Maybe next week there will be red ones!
My other two tomato plants now have tomatoes growing on them. I'm excited for these because they're the bigger ones.

Lastly...check this 5K out

Would you do a zombie based 5K in your city if it were available?