Monday, July 25, 2011

werk, werk, werk!

Today was one of those day's where I get so into my work that I hunch over my desk and stare intensely at the screen.  Unsurprisingly, I had a whopping headache before I hit the gym because of that fact.
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I rather like being this busy at work. It makes my days blaze by and I find it much easier to ignore cravings. I sometimes get so involved that I forget to eat, which is why my weekly menu is a good idea for me. I'm pretty much on food-autopilot until my project is complete.

werking it out
You'd think that with how busy I get at work, I'd forfeit exercise time. Nope! Eric and I hit the gym after work today. I did a bit of circuit training today:
800m @ 6.0mph - warmup
Push-Ups w/ Feet on Stability ball x 12
400m @ 7.5mph
Speed Squats x 2min
400m @ 7.5mph
Neutral Grip Pull-Ups w/45-lb assist x 8 (this is huge progress for me!)
400m @ 7.5mph
Split Squat Jumps x 30
400m @ 7.5mph
3-pt planks (30s a leg, 30s reg. plank) - 2min total
800m @ 6.0mph
Total Time: 45 minutes
Total Calories: 312 kCal
After the gym, I came home and made myself a big bowl of taco salad to refuel. I was psyched to be able to use my fresh cherry tomatoes as toppers. They're so good that I've decided to only grow cherry tomatoes next year!

Does anyone have any top ten requests for tomorrow's Top Ten Tuesday post? Lemme know down below! Have a good evening :)