Friday, July 15, 2011

Tomatoes are teases

Weight: 125.2
Body Fat: 20.3% + 3% = 23.3%
Measurements: 34"-26"-34"-20"

Sickly Sqrl
I caught a cold from Eric. :( It's getting better today but I've been waking up at like 2:20 every morning and am unable to continue sleeping in the bed, so I just get up and go sleep on the couch downstairs. I'm really hoping that this unable to sleep past 2:20 AM thing is directly related to the cold and will pass as soon as I'm better.

It's deck garden update day!
The carrots are progressing nicely. I'm going to have to thin them out a little though. Don't want to end up with weirdly shaped carrot clusters.
Yay! A pepper! :)
And three more peppers in the works!
This cherry tomato plant is a big tease. Look how many little tomatoes are on there! None of them are red yet. I'm hoping they're going to turn red in the next couple of weeks...
My full size tomato plants are bearing fruit now as well.
This is the largest cluster of tomatoes on both plants. I think it still has several more weeks to go before it's ready to eat.

Random QOTD: What's your favorite color? Has it changed over the years?