Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shrewsbury Special 5K Race Report

I was hopeful when I stepped outside this morning and was greeted by a light breeze and overcast skies. It was almost comfortable.
As we were driving over to the race location though, it started to storm. The big, fat raindrops and lightning kind of storm.  One of the lightning strikes was so close by when we got out of the car, that the resulting  thunder made me jump and squeak. I'm easily startled by unexpected noises, living up to my nickname! Nate and I went to the registration desk to get our stuff, and I was rather startled by the lack of bib numbers. I'm a little sad too because I won't have another bib to add to my cubicle's wall. :(

Then we found that that the race was delayed for a whopping 45 minutes. So we waited around outside at first...
Nate took the time to psych himself up with some music and whatever kind of energy drink he made me stop at the P.C. Hopper for (or for the non-WPI grads among you, Price Chopper).  It started to rain again, and we decided to relocate inside.
Nate opted out of this picture (because I actually provided him with a choice this time) so you get me in my super-short racing shorts and his right arm, leg and ear. The rain let up by 9AM, but by then I could feel it starting to warm up. I had a sneaking suspicion that it would be of those instances where the rain evaporates into the air off the hot pavement, providing a sauna-like atmosphere.  Nate and I went off for a light jog to warm up and then got ready at the starting line.
While we were getting ready to go, I was trying to get my Garmin to acquire some freaking satellites. Evidently the cloud cover was preventing it from finalizing the connection, and I ended up getting too frustrated with it. I gave it to my mom to stick her purse, and went (NOT HAPPILY!) Garminless.

 Ready, set, go!
Mile #1
Nate tried to keep up with me for the first mile. As we rounded our first corner, we came upon an extremely steep and unexpected hill. It wasn't all that daunting, just unexpected. I passed a man with a jogging stroller on the way up and he all but flew past me on the downhill. As a side note, kids in jogging strollers always make me laugh. They just chill and watch everyone around them. Nate was still doing a good job of keeping up with me at this point; he was actually about 20 feet ahead of me for most of the first mile. That being said however, we both went out too fast (rooookie mistaaaake!). We crossed the mile marker at around 8 minutes.

Mile #2
Nate dropped off shortly into the second mile. I passed him with well-wishes and continued on my own.  At this point, my running in sauna-like weather suspicion was proving true. About 500m before the mile marker, my abs started to cramp. I don't mean intestines either, I mean my entire abdominal area. It freaking hurt. I was able to mitigate the pain through breathing exercises but it slowed me down significantly. I passed the 2 mile marker at 17:00 minutes.

Mile #3 (+.1)
My abs were still causing me a good amount of pain at this point, but I just pushed through the first half mile. The cramping actually passed with about 900m to go, and I found enough left in me for the final uphill stretch. I think I crossed the finish line at 27:35, but I'll wait for the official time posting to stick that in my fitness tab.

Post race
I wandered over to drop my ticket off with my finishing place and jogged back just in time to see Nate finish.

We waited around for the age group rewards and the raffle, but holy crap that ab cramping came back to bite me. Just before we left, I thought I was going to throw up. I probably exacerbated the situation by drinking my Gatorade too quickly but ugh! Fortunately I managed not to throw up, because that pretty much would have sucked.

I took my mom and brother home after the race and while I had promised a picnic, we ended up only having some delicious multigrain pancakes (recipe to follow later this weekend):
They are dark normally, but I might have accidentally walked away from mine while they were cooking for just a smidgey too long. They still tasted good though! After foods, I had a good laugh when I tried on the race shirt. This is a small:
Guess I won't be wearing this anywhere except to sleep.

How's your Saturday been so far? Cool? Sauna-like? Lemme know down below! :)