Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've seen the whole seven posts posts idea floating around the blogosphere lately. And I noticed yesterday when I was reading Ms. Sarah over at Running On Words post yesterday that she had tagged me!

Most Beautiful: Norway Trip: August 2008
It took me a long time of browsing through my posts to find one that fit this category. I chose this one because Norway has kind of an austere beauty to it. I often complain about how much I dislike traveling to Norway because it can be boring with the vast amount of overtime I work at site. This post reminds me that Norway has beauty, and all I have to do is keep a positive mindset.

Most popular: If a picture is worth a thousand words...
Hands down, this has been my most popular post of all time. That makes sense given the huge transformation that I've undergone in the last ten years. I don't even look like the same person. In truth, I'm not the same person I was in that first picture. I've undergone more than just a physical transformation; it's been a mental transformation as well. I enjoy looking at it as much as everyone else does, just to remind myself how far I've actually come.

Most controversial: I haven't really had any controversial posts.
I'm not really one to stir the pot. I've grown into pretty level-headed individual and I don't often put myself into situations that could be considered controversial. I try to represent myself as honestly as possible on my blog, so I must be doing a good job if I'm not causing any controversy.

Most helpful: Pizza Dough Part One: Stand Mixer or "What Can I Do To Lose Weight?"
Surprisingly one of my first food picture oriented posts is one of the ones with the most hits. I guess it was helpful!  The weight loss FAQ is also highly popular. I can only hope that the people who see it find it helpful.

Surprise success: A Pictorial: My busy weekend  
At this point in my blog, I was using Monday as my pictorial day since I'd not been updating on weekends. I've done several pictorials but this one has been surprisingly successful. I have no idea why! Perhaps it was the use of a DSLR or perhaps it was the content. I wish I knew why because I'd love to replicate it!!

Not Enough Attention: Confession: Food Obsession
On the whole, my blog doesn't receive a whole lot of attention, but given that I didn't really open it up to the public until about a month ago, that makes sense. I have a few regular commenters but I often wonder if people are put off by Disqus.  I've been trying (in my few spare moments) how to move the email/name/website forms out of the Disqus login but haven't yet quite gotten it yet. I know it's not clear, but Disqus does not require you to sign in to comment.  Or maybe I just don't post anything interesting enough for a large amount of people to comment on. *shrug* Only time will tell.

Most Proud: Running With The Wolves 10K Race Report
I'd wanted to do this race last year (2010) but travel for work got in the way. I'm really proud of this post because I actually did the 10K in under an hour which is what I was aiming for.  It's also another marker of my slow progression towards running a longer distance.  I suspect that this will be replaced by next year's Boilermaker race report. :)

Now I get to nominate five bloggers to join in on the fun!