Monday, July 25, 2011

PUMA 5 Miler Training: Week 5

Back on track, finally! I don't have much congestion or coughing,  and am generally feeling much better.  Last week I didn't take the time to create a meal plan and I definitely felt the lack of it. It takes me much longer to get ready to go in the morning if I don't have a plan for what to pack into my massive lunchbox. So since I detest wasting time, I took some time last night and made up my work week food plans:

I'm sure my meal plan looks as boring as ever, but that's what you get when you're an engineer trying to fit three months of work into two. I just don't have the time to be creative, so I go with my standby meals. Anyhooooozle, onto the training!

Last week's training
Monday  (7/18) - Cross Training
I ended up doing 25 minutes of weights and 20 minutes on the treadmill. Unfortunately I hadn't brought my little workout logbook so I've completely forgotten what exercises I did. Oopsy!

Tuesday (7/19) - Running
I skipped yoga again this week. I still wasn't quite feeling up to it, and mostly because I think I might have suffocated on my own mucous in downward dog. Not pleasant.

Wednesday (7/20) - Rest
This was a full on rest day, no physical activity outside of the things I have to do to get around.

Thursday (7/21) - 4x800m w/400m rests
The heat wave had me indoors last week. I also had a busy Thursday planned so I took the time and did this workout in the morning. I prefer doing my speedwork on the treadmill, because I think it helps me get a feel for what a pace actually feels like.  I haven't been running all my life so I'm still learning how to hold my posture and pace myself.

Friday (7/22) - Cross Training
I did thirty minutes worth of my PSP workout, and 20 minutes walking at a medium intensity on the treadmill. I thought about walking outdoors, but this is what I saw the entire way home:
102° is not for me.

Saturday (7/23) - Shrewsbury Special 5K - 27:44 (boooo!)
I won't rehash it here. You can read all about it in the race report.

Sunday (7/24) - 30 min. easy on treadmill
Normally Sunday is my long run. Since as I had a rough race on Saturday, I decided to keep it low key and indoors. I'm hoping the heatwave breaks for next week. I have another 8 miler planned.

All in all, a pretty slow week training wise but that's too be expected since I was still recovering from my sickness. This week will be more intense.

Have a good training week everyone! :)