Monday, July 11, 2011

PUMA 5 Miler Training: Week 3

Here is the week's meal plan:

You'll notice I'm repeating meals again. It's not for a lack of trying! I just can't find any quick and easy lunch recipes that appeal to me. Please share some if you know any! I do really love my simple homemade guacamole though. I add more lime than most people would so I get that tangy avocado-lime taste that's just perfect.

Last Week's Training
Monday (7/4) - Cross Training
I went for a 25 minute walk in the morning with Eric to see how far they've gotten on the shopping plaza they're building right next to our complex. It seems like they're actually going to make the target date of Fall 2011. I'm not looking forward to the increased traffic. Later that night I did 30 minutes of my PSP workout.

Tuesday (7/5) - 2 miles and Ashtanga
I like getting my heart rate up and pumping before I head off to yoga. Warm muscles mean better stretchability! I'm also getting much better at some of the poses I had a hard time with in the beginning. My hamstrings and lower back are still tight but I'm getting closer to being able to grasp my foot!

Wednesday (7/6) - Cross Training
25 minutes of free weights and other resistance exercises and 20 minutes of walking.  Can you tell I'm really enjoying walking as cross training?

Thursday (7/7) - Off
I did take a 15 minute walk at lunch though. Felt good to get the blood flowing into my very cold body. The AC at work is nuts.

Friday (7/8) - Treadmill Tempo Run - 4.25 miles
Not a good run. I intended to do 3 mi @ 8:50 but ended up doing only 2/3s of it. I got to the gym late, I was hungry, hadn't slept well and was really drained from work. I'm rescheduling next week so that I can try this tempo run again.

Saturday (7/9) - Cross Training
40 minute walk and 21 minutes of PSP!

Sunday (7/10) - 8 miles @ 10:30 min/mile avg. pace
I know that this doesn't look very fast However, this is the furthest I've ever run. And, as I was organizing my blog posts with a better labeling system last night, I found a post from exactly a year ago where I went out for a 4 mile run and struggled to complete it at an 11:00 min/mile pace. I'd say that's a serious amount of progress in a year!

Total Mileage: 14.25 mi
Not too bad, but not great since I wanted to hit 16 miles.

This week's scheduled workouts:
Monday (7/11) - Cross Training
Tuesday (7/12) - 2 miles and ashtanga
Wednesday (7/13) - Cross Training
Thursday (7/14) -  3 mile tempo run + warmup/cooldown miles
Friday (7/15) - 3 miles easy
Saturday (7/16) - Off day
Sunday (7/17) - 8 miles

Total mileage: 18 miles

Here's to a good training week!