Monday, July 4, 2011

PUMA 5 Miler Training Week 2

Good morning! Happy Independence Day! :)

I've decided to follow in the footsteps of Michelle @ Crazy Running Legs and Megan @ MegaNerdRuns and do a weekly training recap and upcoming weekly menu post.

07/04-07/10 Menu
Work is going to be pretty busy for me these next few weeks. I've resorted to planning out my meals in detail so that I don't have to waste any of my energy thinking about it. I'm printing this and sticking it to the fridge so that I'll be able to pack my lunch up the night before.  I think I'm also going to spend some time today and make the chicken and tuna salads today so I don't have to spend my mornings dicing fruit.
You'll probably notice that I'm a wicked bad meal repeater. It's just easier for me and I've never minded eating the same things over and over again. *shrug!*

PUMA 5 Miler Training Week 2
This race is going to be at 5:00 on August 20th, so I'm anticipating that it's going to be hot, humid and rough to race in.   Since I didn't have a Week 1 post, I'll just bring us up to speed here:


The map (with elevation profile) can be found here. The total ascent is much less than it is for me to run back into my apartment complex in roughly the same amount of distance. I'm glad because after that brutally slow ascent in the 10K, I was afraid I just sucked as a runner.

Now onto the training from last week...


Monday (6/27) - Cross Training/Weights
Warmup: 5 minutes on treadmill @ 6.3 mph
Push Ups with feet on the stability ball x 10
Straight Legged Deadlift with 50lbs x 8
Assisted Neutral Grip Pull Ups (w/45lb assist)x5, (w/55lb assist)x5
Single Leg Squats with Leg Back - left leg x 16, right leg x 8
Barbell Upright Row with 45lbs x 8
3 pt planks (30 sec one foot, 30 sec both feet)x 2
5 minute cooldown with the jump rope
33 minutes and 188 kcal

I've decided that this is too much for the day after a long run, and I'm putting my strength training into maintenance mode from now until the end of my running season.

Tuesday (6/28) - 2 miles easy
I was supposed to go to yoga also, but I had done too much the previous two days and felt like crap. I just did the 2 miles in 17:24 for an average pace 8:42.

Wednesday (6/29) - ADD Circuit Training
5 min warmup on treadmill @ 6.3mph
Clap Push-Ups x 8
Body Weight Squats w/Front Kick x 2 minutes
Neutral Grip Pull Ups 5x45lb assist and 6w/55lb assist
(Split Squat Jumps x 20) x 2
Barbell Upright Row w/45lbs x 8
Squats w/lateral kicks x 2 minutes
3 pt planks (30 sec on one leg, 30 sec in reg.) x 2
Stairstepper x 2 minutes
Tricep Dips w/stacked feet x 10
Mountain Climbers on Stability Ball x 2 minutes
Back Extensions on the Stability Ball x 12
5 minute cooldown @ 6.3mph

At this point in the week, my body was screaming TOO MUCH TOO MUCH at me, but I didn't stop to listen. Oopsy! I'll end up paying for it later in the week.

Thursday (6/30) - 3 miles sans Garmin
My legs felt like lead Thursday, but I went out for a short, easy run anyhow.  I think I might have done a 10 mile pace, but I didn't bring the Garmin or map the route. It was basically just a run to keep my sanity and burn off some stress.

Friday and Saturday (7/1 and 7/2) - Sarah's body says rest!
And I finally listened, I didn't do anything except walk around Best Buy and CVS on Saturday. I ended up eating waaay too much both days too. I felt like a total slug!

Sunday 7/3 - 7 miles w/Garmin
I'm almost embarrassed to put my time down for this run. 7 miles in 1:16:18 for an average pace of 10:54. Yuck. I stupidly went at 11:45AM, meaning I ran in the hottest, humidest, generally yuckiest time of the day. Towards the end my heart rate was so sky high that I had to walk the hill home to even get my heart rate down 10 bpm. Despite all that, I felt good. AND I've finally figured out how to avoid getting runner's trots: Don't eat oatmeal for breakfast the two days leading up to the runs most likely to trigger them (higher intensity/long distances).

Total miles for the week: 12 miles

Bring on week 3!