Sunday, July 3, 2011

Long run, long weekend!

Oh hi! I'm back as promised :)
I just realized that I haven't put a substantial blog post up since Thursday, so I think I'll start there...

Skinned Up Eric
Eric returned to me on Thursday from his company softball league game missing most of the external layer of skin (epidermis! ooo vocab!) on his right shin. I will spare you all the pictures, but it's pretty nasty looking. I have assumed the role of wound assessor and bandage helper. Looking at the calendar, I'm glad he doesn't have any games scheduled for a whole week and a half. Hopefully he'll be all healed by then.

Hearty Country Bread
Saturday Morning:

Sunday Evening:

I looove making my own bread. It's so simple, and I don't have to be present for most of it's rise time. This particular recipe indicates that it will have an extremely dark brown crust, I think I succeeded on that count.

Saturday = Slackerday
We needed to get some first aid things for Eric's previously mentioned wound, so we hit up the local CVS. While he was off in the first aid section, I found these:

I'm absolutely terrible at painting my right nails because I'm no where even close to ambidextrous, so these are pretty awesome.  I also love that they don't chip! I might have to pick up some more colors besides Booty Camp and Cut It Out.

Silly Overtraining Squirrel
When I started on my new project at work, we had a team meeting to establish some basic process. Our moderator had us all do an experiment. We were given a blank note card and told to write the the first three letters of alphabet in the top left corner. Then we had to rotate the card 180° and write the first three digits of the sequence 0-9. After that, we had to rotate back to the alphabet and write the next three letters. We were instructed to repeat that sequence until we reached Z. Meanwhile the moderator was telling stories and jokes, and anyone who finished early had was given instruction to annoy their neighbor.

All that to illustrate something I already know to be true about myself: I cannot multitask at work. I'm under no illusions about that. I don't consider it a shortcoming.

So you'd think that after that example, I'd be able to recognize the symptoms of split focus in my training plan.

Nope, I'm not that observant.

My right leg had been bothering me all week. Tightness in my calf and foot, but I'd been trying to ignore it for the most part and push through. But on Friday, I just couldn't make myself go to the gym. I'd been exhausted almost all week; my usual early bird tendencies had gone into hiding. Saturday came, and I decided I didn't feel like doing anything again. This morning though, I woke up with renewed vigor and was ready to tackle the planned 7 miles. It was hot. It was (extremely) humid. There was no breeze. A horsefly found me at the mile 1 marker and followed me the entire way.

None of that mattered. I felt fantastic for the first time in days. Then I realized that I've been trying to build strength and train for a race at the same time. It doesn't work for me, I should know better. Subsequently, that means my cross training over the course of the next weeks will be significantly dialed back.