Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kindle Tragedy

Kindle Based Disaster!
Last night as I went to read Part 3 of Jessica Z, my Kindle decided to die on me. :(
I called Kindle Customer Support today and found out that my Kindle is out of warranty (sadface!). However, because Amazon is freaking awesome, they will offer to replace my Kindle with the exact same model for $40.00, provided that I return my current busted-up Kindle within 30 days. I think I can handle that. $40 to replace it with the exact same model vs. $190 to buy a brand new one? That's a no-brainer.

Plus, because I (accidentally) have Amazon Prime, the replacement will be here on Wednesday. YAY, a happy ending! :)

freakin' brownies!
I'm not completely satisfied with my healthier brownie recipe recipe yet. I'm much closer now, the consistency and texture are there, but the flavor is apparently not. Eric informs me that it's very bitter, but I can't actually tell. I've never been able to taste bitter, so they taste just fine to me.  I've got some more tweaks to make to it but I feel so close to the final version!

knit picking
I've had so many crafting hobbies in the past that I've got an entire closet dedicated to the storage of their materials.  In trying to use up some of the yarn that I own, I've started making these in my spare time:
 If anyone has a cat, and wants two matched cat toys (pink/black & black/pink or red/white & white/red), just send me an email or leave a comment on this post. :)

Have you ever tried knitting? Hate it or love it? :)