Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July Foodzie box!

I love getting packages in the mail.
Especially boxes that contain mystery foods! Opening them makes me feel like I've received a surprise birthday gift seven months early.
This month's Foodzie box contains a few things that I can't immediately think of ways to use.
Left to right: popcorn, shortbread cookies, dried cherries, farro,
olive oil and peanut brittle.
 The Farro, for example, I have no immediate ideas on how to use it. It is a whole grain, and could probably be treated the same way I treat my oat groats

Eric and I were underwhelmed by the shortbread cookies. Perhaps our palates aren't refined enough to taste the delicate notes of honey and licorice. They just tasted like regular ol' shortbread cookies to us.

The olive oil will have a hot date with some basil and other herbs to form a salad dressing for a family picnic.
You already know what I did with these. Admittedly, I did have to combine them with some other dried cherries in my pantry to create the resulting baked good.
I had this for evening snack the day I got the Foodzie box.  I thought that it tasted like Smartfood with a hint of mushroominess. It was good, but I still prefer to make my own popcorn since bagged popcorn like this can't avoid being a touch stale.
I've been eying this since receiving the package but haven't yet succumbed to eating it. I'm sure it'll be good though. I mean, it's peanut brittle. I can't not like it!

Would you sign up to receive a Foodzie box monthly? If not, why? Lemme know below!